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KEYNOTE Top 10 Things to Ensure Success in a Value-based Healthcare World


The transition to value-based healthcare is official. It’s happening. The only question now is how painful the road will be, and how effective we’ll be in improving outcomes and controlling costs.

The fate of your healthcare organization will largely be determined by how you decide to proceed. Will you embrace value-based healthcare and enter into it on your own terms? Or will you sit back and wait, and ultimately be forced into it?

On this episode, we hear from Jason Helgerson, founder of Helgerson Solutions Group and former Medicaid Director for the State of New York. Jason shares with us his top 10 list of things you can do (should do? must do?) to ensure success in a value-based healthcare world. Unsurprisingly, sitting by and waiting for it to pass, didn’t make the cut. The following items did:

Value-based Healthcare Top 10:

#10: Go low-tech before you go high-tech

#9: Engage your front line

#8: Conduct a Strategic Readiness Audit

#7: If you are small, aggregate

#6: Don’t limit yourself to Medicaid

#5: Go All In

#4: Negotiate multi-year contracts

#3: Develop a growth strategy

#2: Embrace the real goal

#1: Make practicing empathy your prime directive

Originally broadcast on thehcbiz.com

Jason Helgerson