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The shift toward Value-Based Care is one of the most important global trends in the health sector, presenting challenges but also huge opportunities.  Instead of rewarding volume, new value-based payment (VBP) models reward better results regarding cost, quality, and outcome measures.  Devising and implementing VBP systems that deliver real transformation for patient groups without destabilizing health economies is difficult but critical.

At HSG we help health care Providers formulate new value propositions with the goal of reaching an agreement and implementing signed contracts with Payers.  We roll up our sleeves and undertake a deep dive analysis of your organization to understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you determine your best value propositions. 

For Payers, HSG reviews provider networks and current contracts to see where new partnerships can be formed to move your plan toward value-based care.  HSG also acts as an expert reviewer, and evaluates existing VBP strategies to help ensure they are calibrated effectively.

Jason Helgerson