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jason helgerson, founder and chief solutions officer

Jason Helgerson is a social change agent. After more than 20 years of public service, most recently as New York’s Medicaid Director, he now is focused on helping companies, providers, payers and governments deliver value-based health care.

Before his move to the private sector, Jason became an internationally recognised leader in public sector health care following his acclaimed work leading New York’s Medicaid Redesign Team. This historic programme fundamentally reshaped the state’s Medicaid program to both lower costs - tackling a deficit budget - and improve health care quality.

Spending on Medicaid in 2011 was the highest in the nation with expenditures rising at 13% per annum. Helgerson instituted a global cap on spending, and he worked to get patients into models of care led by teams of doctors accountable for whole groups. The state also began focusing more intently on social determinants of health, such as supportive housing. Since 2009, spending per patient fell steadily, and overall spending declined. In 2015, Jason was recognised as a Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine.

Before arriving in New York, Jason was Wisconsin’s Medicaid Director, where he administered the state’s nationally recognised BadgerCare Plus program where 98% of Wisconsin residents now have access to affordable health care, including all children. Before his Medicaid work, Jason held a series of positions in state and local government leading efforts to reform education, child care, public finance and, of course, health care.

Jason’s time is now spent advising organisations and health systems across the US and further afield – with a focus on tackling the social determinants of health and bending cost curves. His passions include creating effective value-based payment systems, facilitating successful cross-sector collaboration, and delivering transformative stakeholder engagement - all elements that underpin a successful value-based health and social care strategy.


Through HSG, Jason has brought together like-minded individuals, networked experts that convalesce around a client’s needs. A unique team, each bringing a valuable viewpoint and set of experiences, coming together to innovate and respond to project challenges.

HSG’s difference is our ability to be nimble and responsive, but with the experience of delivering whole system transformation at our core.

Members of the HSG team include -


kalin scott, chief innovation officer

Kalin brings extensive background in public policy, specializing in areas including strategic planning, project management, Medicaid redesign, cross-sector initiatives, delivery system reform and value based payment. Kalin’s previous experience includes more than ten years in various health policy roles with New York State. Most recently, Kalin served in a dual role as Director of New York’s Medicaid Redesign Project Management Office and Assistant Director for Medical, Dental and Pharmacy policy. Over her eight years with New York’s Medicaid program, Kalin served on the senior leadership team, responsible for nationally-recognized policy development and implementation strategies to ensure alignment and execution of the Medicaid program’s key priorities. Prior to joining NYS DOH, Kalin worked in the New York State’s Executive Chamber.


juliette price, solutions architect - social determinants of health

Juliette is working to bring health care and social sector partners together in new ways to deliver results for end users.

Juliette previously served as the director of The Albany Promise, a cross-sector, collective impact partnership of 100+ organizations in Albany, New York that focused on improving economic mobility for the city’s most vulnerable youth and families using shared vision, collective action, and rigorous continuous improvement. The partnership was widely recognized as leading the nation in the field of collective impact. Juliette was awarded the White House Champion of Change award in 2016 from the President Barack Obama Administration for her work in this field.

Previously, she worked for the Chancellor of the State University of New York, the nation’s largest, most comprehensive system of higher education, managing various aspects of the education pipeline and multiple initiatives related to teacher education, statewide education policy, and led the development and implementation of the New York State Master Teacher Program, a program which created a state-wide network of the highest-performing STEM teachers that are dedicated to sharing expertise with peers and attracting the brightest minds to a career in STEM. She staffed Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's New NY Education Reform Commission, which brought together nationally-recognized education, community, and business leaders to recommend reforms to the state's education system in order to improve performance in the classroom so that all of New York's students are fully prepared for their futures.


sarah crick - SENIOR ADVISOR

Sarah brings over 14 years of experience in British healthcare to HSG and works with HSG’s European, as well as US-based clients.

Prior to joining the HSG team, Sarah was the Head of Networks for the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). In that role she played a crucial role in helping connect the organization’s membership to the newest thinking in delivery system improvement and other critical health care issues. As the premier membership organization for NHS finance professionals, many CEOs and the C-Suite of NHS organizations across the country are among its community. The association has nearly 15,000 members and delivered around 134,000 hours of professional development for NHS professionals during 17/18.

Throughout her career at HFMA-UK, Sarah led a series of impactful projects in addition to creating and developing strong networks for NHS leaders that facilitated the sharing best practices and also gave valuable opportunities to hear from international speakers. During her time there she devised and delivered hundreds of events that were attended by NHS leaders as well as global experts to discuss the most pressing healthcare issues of the day. In addition, Sarah advised and informed the marketing and stakeholder engagement strategy.

Sarah spent the early years of her career in marketing in the IT sector, so with this wide range of skills and experience she provides project support and marketing expertise to the HSG team, alongside her knowledge and understanding of the UK NHS.

MOLLY HAYDEN - student fellow

Molly’s goal is to always be both an ethical researcher and an effective activist.  She supports the team in a variety of different projects, especially in a research capacity. During her undergraduate degree, she conducted a substantial qualitative research project using archival materials to investigate diversity and inclusion on the SUNY Oneonta campus. In addition to using this research background, Molly also utilizes her skills in the areas of data management and acquisition. 

As a Masters student with the University at Albany's School of Public Health, her concentration is in behavioral health, with specific interest paid to health disparities in maternal and child health. At HSG she is acquiring a holistic understanding of the healthcare sector in order to develop her skills as a diligent disrupter.